Oceantech Shipping & Trading was founded in 2012 by a team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, with the main scope of providing supreme Technical Consultancy Services to the Global Shipping Market. As our members have served various managerial positions in Greek Shipping  companies, they know from first hand the needs of every Ship-owner, Technical Director or Port Captain.

Hard work and financial stability made us able to expand our business, develop new projects and enforce our corporate staff.


Sunrise on a tanker ship


The Shipping Industry has faced dramatic changes during the last 20 years. New regulations were promulgated, changes in the  design of ships with new technological advantages and Environmental Legitimate framework  forces the ship-owners to follow cutting cost strategies in order to survive to the  always volatile shipping market.
At this point Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd is coming to support the Ship-owner and become the Partner that will ensure profitability to your business.

Hard work, Knowledge and Continuous Improvement are our weapons for achieving our targets.